Mediation works when there is complete transparency of the financial data.  Mediation fails when there is an imbalance of financial power.  A CDFA can provide an unbiased financial analysis that levels the playing field so you can make informed decisions.

As a trained mediator myself, I know the mediation model works best when you incorporate a financial neutral like a CDFA.  A mediator is a neutral facilitator that helps you negotiate the terms of your divorce, however, they are unable to provide you with any financial advice or guidance.

When a CDFA like myself becomes a part of the process both parties will have the necessary financial information they need to negotiate with confidence.  Since everyone hears and reviews the information at the same time, the imbalance of financial power is gone.  The playing field is ‘leveled’ and you can proceed with peace-of-mind.

Participating in the mediation process keeps the control of your future in your hands.  It also helps to keep the process amicable, unlike litigation.  When both you and your spouse are informed and understand the financial and tax issues at hand, you can feel confident that you are making the right decisions.  Based on my easy-to-understand reports, you and your spouse will be able to negotiate some difficult issues like dividing marital assets, addressing cash flow and support concerns, the marital home, college and a multitude of other issues that commonly arise in divorce.

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