Call me when: You are contemplating divorce and are concerned about the money;  You are in mediation but need help understanding what your spouse is proposing and it’s impact on your financial future;  You are in litigation and getting nowhere.  Call me when you need someone on your side to help you through this difficult time.

TRUE STORY:  A young woman came to me about a year through the litigation process.  She was at a loss because she had already spent close to $100,000 on attorneys fees and only had a temporary order of support to show for it!  The problem?  The attorneys on both sides didn’t know how to calculate the husband’s income and had not obtained the right information about his employment.  They went around and around arguing with each other never arriving at the heart of the matter – until I came on board.

Many of my litigation clients feel like they are just fumbling along with no real direction and that’s when they call me.  To be honest, they should have called me before they even called an attorney.    Why?

  1. Because first, I can recommend the right attorney for you and your situation.  This will save time and money because I only work with like-minded family law attorneys who are committed to resolving the issues and who understand the value a CDFA brings to the process.
  2. Second, I can see right away what the issues will be and how best to solve them.  Identifying the financial issues up front and requesting the correct documentation will help your case proceed more efficiently.  And once you decide on an attorney, I can share my initial analysis with both of you so everyone is on the same page.  Then and only then, can your attorney strategize the best path to take towards resolution.
  3. Divorce is hard enough without adding in the bad behavior that litigation often brings out in spouses.  This behavior can be emotionally draining, devastating and downright ugly.  When a financial expert is on the case from the beginning, the other side can no longer use the financial information as a weapon, instead, I use it as a tool for developing settlement scenarios that will work for you and your family.

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If at all possible, I will always recommend that my clients try to avoid litigation and enter into an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process like Mediation or the Collaborative Practice.